by, POK Board Member & Pastor Gheorghe Rosca Jr.

As society continues to crumble before our eyes, we must make a conscious decision about entering the fight or remain idle on the sidelines. For far too long I had my blinders on to the culture war that was being waged. I was focused on raising a family, serving my church, advancing my career and advancing the gospel in Mexico with a church plant that was my responsibility for over five years. Life was moving at neck break speed until April, 2018, when my wife shared a news article that would rock my world.

Here is some background on my life that will bring into context the reason for my reaction to this article.

I’ve been married for almost 15 years to an amazing woman who has given me four amazing children; three boys and a girl.

The 8th of twelve in my family, I was born in Romania under the regime of Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. We moved to the USA in 1991 after the revolution where we gained our freedoms. Upon our arrival to the USA, I entered first grade in the public school system in Fullerton, CA.

The Lord gifted me with a good intellect to accomplish wonderful things in the academic world. I graduated as Valedictorian from Buena Park High School and went on to complete my Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration with emphasis in Project Management. For nearly 15 years I’ve dedicated my career to a global architecture and engineering consultancy firm that specializes in numerous markets rising to the rank of Associate Vice President. Despite these accomplishments so early in my career, I must say that they are not as important anymore in light of the greater issues at stake; our country, our republic, our families, our freedom, but most importantly…our children!

The article that rocked my world was from Life Site News[1] and covered the first National Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23, 2018, being led by well-known vlogger, Elizabeth Johnston (a.k.a. “The Activist Mommy”). Some of the things that struck me were:

1) The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Ideology
2) Curriculum with Explicit Content on Oral and Anal Sex along with Masturbation
3) The LGBTQ+ Propaganda about being Oppressed
4) AB-329 (a.k.a. The California Healthy Youth Act) passed in 2015 (was I living under a rock?), which mandated Comprehensive Sexuality Education from 7-12 and allows it from grades K-6.
5) The Pervasiveness of SOGI Ideology that was already in School Districts around the Country
6)The fact that Taxpayer Dollars were funding this whole “Agenda”

Why did I react in this fashion to this article? I had grown up for the most part in the USA and in the public school system. With the exception of one experience in high school, where I was forced to read a book that contained scenes of bestiality (“Beloved” by Toni Morrison), I don’t remember ever being exposed to SOGI Ideology and LGBTQ+ Propaganda in my Jr. High or High School Health Classes where we were taught sex education. It was all scientifically driven and not politically ideological in nature. As I was reading the article, I kept on asking myself these questions over and over: How did we get here? Who is driving this agenda? Who is standing up against this evil? Why? It wasn’t that long ago when I was in school and, all of a sudden, this massive change had suddenly transformed our public schools to a point that is unrecognizable to me now.

The reason I was so “triggered” comes back to the context of my life experience and the situation I found myself in 2018. My first daughter was born in 2017. As a father of boys (until then) who were already in public school, I could deal with raising them tough to be able to stand up for the truth and protect themselves from the bullies in school; but, for a public-school educator to emotionally abuse my little girl with the SOGI worldview and LGBTQ+ Propaganda was crossing the line. This father would not stand for that whatsoever! As I dug a little further, I discovered the “Bathroom Bill” in CA known as AB 1266[2], signed by Governor Brown in 2013 and which allows every child to use whichever private facility they prefer so long as it matches their gender identity, as opposed to their biological sex or the sex listed on their official records.

Can Fathers all over America take a moment to process this scenario? Your daughter is going to school and any boy for any reason can walk into a girl’s restroom, violate her privacy and cause lifelong trauma. This is unacceptable, unsafe, and something that we as Dads should not tolerate regardless of it being “legal”.

America, and California in particular, needs all DADS to rise up and protect our little girls from the psychological and physical abuse the public education system is fostering. With the Biden administration preparing to take over on January 21, 2021, according to their own statements, here are a number the things we can expect:

  • Reinstating Obama’s Transgender Policy (which Trump rescinded)
  • Reinstating Obama’s Bathroom Policy (which Trump rescinded) [3]
  • Limit Private School Accreditation if not compliant with new SOGI / CRT standards (driven by HRC’s Blueprint for Positive Change) [4]

Aren’t these reasons enough to enter the fight? If our children are not reason enough, then what is? My little girl will forever be my reason. WHAT IS YOUR REASON? Please join POK in our fight to protect ALL CHILDREN!