You’ve watched the news. You’ve heard the stories.

• Teachers being suspended for not using a student’s preferred pronoun(s).
• High School students being forced to “unlearn” their Judeo-Christian upbringing under threat of not graduating.
• Elementary school kids being forced to deconstruct their white patriarchy.
• Parents being stripped of their custodial rights for refusing to go along with their child’s gender transformation desires.

Then there’s the proliferating committees for public safety, otherwise known as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, or, DEI. These committees increasingly rule government agencies and corporate boardrooms. Worse, the ideology DEI advances is rapidly seeping into our school culture and curriculums. As the
Wall Street Journal recently reported:

Last spring we exposed how two elite independent schools in New York had become corrupted by a divisive obsession with race, helping start the national movement against critical race theory. Schools apply this theory under the guise of diversity, equity and inclusion programming. Until now, however, neither of us fully grasped the dangers of this ideology or the true motives of its practitioners. The goal of DEI isn’t only to teach students about slavery or encourage courageous conversations about race, it is to transform schools totally and reshape society radically.”

Strong words from an institution not known for hyperbole.

Stopping the woke agenda will require dedicated activism from large numbers of good-hearted citizens, people who otherwise just want to be left alone.

Parents, that means you!

Do you have a child (or grandchild) in the public schools? Are you a teacher serving on the front lines? Do you feel that you or your children’s rights been violated by school officials? Do you know what your legal rights are?

POK would like to help! There are three steps that must be followed if we’re going to begin to turn the tide:

  1. Knowing your legal rights,
  2. Documenting violations of those rights,
  3. Legally asserting your rights.

POK can offer help with all three.  As to the first step, you can learn about your rights in the public schools here. Then, if you suspect that you or your child have suffered a violation of those rights, you can document the violation here. This is also the place to tell us about harmful curriculums and teaching materials. Finally, if and where legal action is warranted, POK has relationships with a number of experienced public interest law firms that will take cases they feel are actionable, and at no cost to the plaintiff/victim. But it begins with you.

There’s no better time for action! As the WSJ concluded in regards to the woke culture corrupting our nation’s schools:

“For the sake of our children and our nation’s future, it must be dismantled.”