As the Authors of “Get Out Now, Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late,” write:

“[W]e don’t advocate surrender. We can and should fight to save our public education system – but not at the expense of our children. Even the most hardcore advocates of public education usually look for private alternatives for their own children. The problems cannot be remedied in the foreseeable future – certainly not during your children’s school years.”

We at POK agree, which is why strongly advocate that parents make every effort to remove their children from the public school system, either for a homeschool or private school environment. Certainly, private school can be expensive. According to Private School Review, the average elementary tuition cost is $11,295/year.  The national average for private high school is $15,751/year. But these costs vary dramatically depending on location, and many parents have discovered alternatives that are far more affordable. The place to start is by exploring the options in your local community. Private School Review offers a convenient and comprehensive place to start.

It is true that for most enrolling their children in a private school will require sacrifice. On the other hand, if we’re not willing to sacrifice for our own children, what are we willing to sacrifice for? And as many parents have discovered, with the commitment to put the needs of their children first doors suddenly open.

Bear in mind, however, that certainly not all private schools are safe for your children. Take the time to investigate their worldview. Is it committed to a Biblical worldview? Interview staff and teachers. Look into their academic curriculum.

Christian Church Private Schools. POK believes that part of the answer to the crisis in the public school system is pastors and church leaders answering the call to start private schools, and many are.

Just as the Church led the Abolitionist movement of the early nineteenth century, so now must it lead the effort to protect children from state-sponsored harm. And the most practical way to accomplish this is to offer private school alternatives to parents who otherwise cannot afford it.

Church based schools reflect the roots of American education. Schools committed to the Biblical worldview can literally transform the lives of children held captive by the public-school monopoly. But to make a difference, a church-based school must embrace three central imperatives:

  1. Teach a Biblically based worldview,
  2. Pursue academic excellence,
  3. Make it affordable for the average family.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, starting a school takes commitment, skill, and determination. Yet few efforts hold more promise for changing lives. It’s time the church stops outsourcing the education of its children and take back the ground it should never have ceded.

Imagine a generation of children trained up with a Christ centered worldview. It would change the culture!

It is for this reason that we encourage church leaders to strongly consider starting private schools. To learn how, download our 20-page booklet:

POK has had a direct role in starting several church-based private schools and at a very affordable price. Where there are committed hearts, it can and has been done!