It is important to engage with your school board and let your voice as a parent or taxpayer be heard. When more citizens show up at board meetings, there is an increased awareness of the dangerous indoctrination that is occurring in classrooms. The more vocal the community is as a whole, the more likely change can be affected.

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Click here for Parents Defending Education’s step by step guide on how to speak at a school board meeting.

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If the majority of school board members continue to vote to implement “woke” curriculum and programs, then it’s time to seriously consider a run for school board. Most parents and citizens think that there is some sort of educational requirement to run. You only need to be a concerned parent or citizen to run for school board. Many school board members use the school board as a platform to start a career in local politics. Others are ideologues intentionally pushing the woke agenda. In either case, this is not the right motivation to protect children from dangerous indoctrination. A concerned parent has a purer motivation to run and that will come across in a campaign.

Resources to learn how to run for school board

Running for School Board – A Starter Guide! from Parents Defending Education

1776 Pac is seeking to fund school board candidates that will oppose CRT.

Due to dangerous indoctrination, the number of efforts to recall school board members in the US has skyrocketed in 2021 and 2022. Learn more about recall laws here.

Winning Stories!

Concerned parents and citizens around the country are making dramatic improvements to the education in their districts by removing corrupt trustees and replacing them with honest, concerned, citizens. Here are several winning stories to inspire your efforts.