They may have spoken, but half the country is still trying to figure out what they said. One thing is certain. We now live in two countries. Not since the Civil War have Americans been so polarized around competing visions of what the nation should be. As Darrel West of the left-leaning Brooking Institute warns, “societal tensions have metastasized into a dangerous tribalism that seriously threatens U.S. democracy.”[1] And given the results and uncertainty of our recent Election, it’s doubtful that a bridging of these divisions will happen anytime soon.

Half the nation voted for a “progressive” agenda promising unfettered abortion, expanded LGBTQ rights, activist courts, a subsidized economy, centralized control, a reduced military and a globalist foreign policy. The other half voted to corral these aims to try and return the nation to the vision of its Founders as memorialized in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. A government of limited powers but clear moral compass. Such polarized visions cannot long co-exist. One will prevail at the expense of the other.

A Biden-Harris Administration has already signaled its intent to reverse most, if not all, of the Trump Administration’s Executive Orders, starting with the transgender military ban. One source has reported that “President Elect” Biden has named Shawn Skelly, a man living as a woman, to review the entire Department of Defense.[2]  As for Education Secretary, Biden is considering past NEA president, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, as the front runner to replace Betsy DeVos and her advocacy for school choice. The fact that Garcia has called charter schools, “a failed and damaging experiment” does not bode well.[3]  Biden has also pledged to champion the Blueprint for Positive Change 2020, a document produced by the radical Human Rights Campaign. If implemented, the Blueprint would require the State Department to “include a non-binary gender marker and modernize existing requirements for updating gender markers on United States’ passports.”[4] Biden purportedly also plans to require that the Department of Education ensure that “non-discrimination policies and science-based curriculum are not undermined by religious exemption to accreditation standards,” meaning schools with conservative values – Christian institutions – would be forced to embrace an LGBTQ worldview or face non-accreditation.[5]  As Archbishop Charles Chaput has observed“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it seeks to silence good.” Of course, any such measures would face Constitutional scrutiny in a newly conservative Court. Regardless, a Biden Administration will bring sea changes.

For POK, all this will make our job more difficult and needful at the same time. The corruption of our public-school educated children will increase in both intensity and breadth. Along with Comprehensive Sexuality Education, children will now be expected to accept that America is “systemically racist” through Critical Race Theory indoctrination and its assorted curriculums. Teachers unions will become further emboldened in advancing their anti-Western worldview. The values of conservative parents will increasingly be viewed by school officials as a form of “spiritual abuse.” Removing children from public schools will become more challenging due to the complete lack of government support for school choice. All of which makes the mission to protect our kids more urgent than ever.

POK is but one of a number of groups, most of very small stature yet dedicated to stemming the tide of evil against the most vulnerable and fragile members of our society. Marshalled against us is a vast and powerful array of public and private organizations. It’s a David versus Goliath story, with the fate of our children weighing in the balance. It’s a battle few should be sitting out.

Whether on behalf of POK, or one of the other groups fighting to preserve our children’s innocence, please consider what your role might be. Besides financial gifts and prayer, the need for co-laborers is great. In POK’s case, we have need of researchers, writers, social media experts, and school district liaisons. If you have a passion in any of these areas and time to spare, please contact us with your interest. For indeed…

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2)

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