At POK our mission is to educate parents about the threats to their children in the public school system. We accomplish this through a variety of means: conferences, speaking engagements, blog posts, brochures, our Say What?! radio program and associated podcast, and last but not least – videos.

Last month we reported the release of our newest video, “The Triple Threat” in English, Spanish and Korean. Today we’re announcing this offering in Mandarin and Romanian!

The Triple Threat – Mandarin Version with Dr. Wenyuan Wu.

The Triple Threat – Romanian Version with Pastor Crinisor Stefan.

Why so many languages? We consider The Triple Threat to be our flagship video offering; it’s the thread that ties all our other videos together. And while English is America’s first language, Spanish speaking Americans number close to 43 million! And according to recent census figures, among the many other languages spoken by Americans there are 3 million Chinese (Mandarin) speakers in the U.S., 1.5 million Korean speakers, and approximately 300K Romanian speakers.

More to the point, what some ethnic groups may lack in sheer numbers they more than make up for in courage, articulation, and passion.

From Alexander Solzhenitsyn to Yeonmi Park, how often have we witnessed that those newest to the American experience of “Ordered Liberty”[1] are the ones most concerned with saving it. Indeed, their preservative influence in our deteriorating culture is as welcome as it is critical!

It is in this same spirit that Dr. Wenyuan Wu and Pastor Crinisor Stefan have given of their time and skill to record The Triple Threat in their native languages. To Wenyan and Pastor Stefan, along with America Figueroa who recorded the Spanish version and Jinah Yi the Korean version, we are indebted!

More language translations may follow. But for now, here are the YouTube URLs to the different language versions of this important video.

The Triple Threat – English Version:
The Triple Threat – Spanish Version:
The Triple Threat – Korean Version:
The Triple Threat – Mandarin Version:
The Triple Threat – Romanian Version:

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Will you help us by passing these videos on to those you may know in these various communities, people you think would benefit from seeing and hearing this information.  As it is written…

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
(Hosea 4:6)

Thank you!

[1] “Ordered Liberty:” a phrase coined by Justice Benjamin Cardozo in Palko v. Connecticut, 302 U.S. 319, 325 (1937), to mean the counter-majoritarian protection of individual rights against arbitrary or unjust government infringement. Ordered Liberty relies on the belief that lasting political freedom is grounded and dependent upon fealty to a moral transcendence.